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Parametric insurance with CLI-INS - your CLImate INSurance:

Which benefits? for whom? 


No deductible or low deductible.

No expert assessment. 

Discover the benefits of our insurances in the section know-how.


Insure your company’s or vineyard’s margin in case of a yield drop.


Growing wine cooperative: Include a yield guarantee for your members or clients in your supply offers or in your commercial proposals.

The yield guarantee becomes a true commercial argument to be differentiated from your rivals in order to gain members or clients but also to retain them.

Following the same principle, a famous car-manufacturer has based its main commercial argument on its 7-years manufacturer guarantee.

On which technologies are based our parametric insurance solutions?

CLI-INS: the specialized broker in parametric insurance (or index insurance) has a wide range of technologies to meet your needs.


Hail sensor

- Hail parametric insurance by hail sensor

Weather station

- Index insurance for frost and/or excess of heat

- Parametric insurance for water excess and/or lack of water

Yield insurance (Government data)

- the parametric assurance of agronomic wine yields does not need any technology.

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