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Low water parametric insurance


In the event of low water, Low Water Surcharge may apply and raise your transport cost.

Consequently, you or your clients endure a financial loss.

It's time to underwrite a tailor-made parametric insurance policy (or index insurance) for low water.


If one of your clients suffers from that extra cost, you can include in your offer a low water guarantee which would be triggered in the event of low water.

Not only won’t your clients be impacted anymore but it may also be a strong competitive advantage.

Flood parametric insurance



In case of flood, you may be immobilized and endure financial loss.

Other: industrial, etc.

You may also be a company that does not have its proper fleet in the event of flood. In that case you would have to outsource an external fleet to do the work, which generates extra costs.

You can also be a flooded company or endure financial loss: factory on hold, flooded restaurant, etc.

Parametric insurance solutions for ports and airports



Your problem:


A too important snow height on the tarmac disrupts or stops the activity of your airport.

Too high waves make it impossible for the docking of boats.


These events impact your turnover.



Our tailor-made solutions: 


Underwrite a tailor-made insurance policy and guarantee your turnover or extra costs.

Our know-how is to elaborate tailor-made insurance policies.

For example in your sector they may be based on snow, waves height with a triggering threshold (snow height > X cm, waves height > Y m).


We revolutionize insurance by elaborating a new kind of insurance called parametric insurance or index insurance or also climate insurance.

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