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Parametric insurance with CLI-INS - your CLImate INSurance:

Which benefits and for whom.

No deductible or low deductible.

No expert assessment. 

Discover the benefits of our insurances in the section know-how.


Insure your company’s margin in case of a yield drop.

Companies like cooperative or trade agencies make their revenue by having a certain margin per ton depending on the culture.

If yields drop, the collected volume by the business will be lower than expected and its revenues will be impacted.


You invest in financial products and human expertise to manage your price risk.

Time has come to not let Mother Nature impact your financial results and to manage your volume risk.


Include a guarantee (yield, drought) for your members or clients in your supply offers or in your commercial proposals.

The guarantee becomes a true commercial argument to be differentiated from your rivals in order to gain members or clients but also to retain them.

Following the same principle, a famous car-manufacturer has based its main commercial argument on its 7-years manufacturer guarantee.

Practical case:

You are a cooperative and your members are wishing to stop doing rapeseed. 

Include a guarantee for seedling raising failure in your supply offer.

On which technologies our parametric insurance solutions are based on.

CLI-INS: the specialized broker in parametric insurance (or index insurance) has a wide range of technologies to meet your needs.



- Parametric drought insurance (soil moisture)

- Parametric insurance for seedling raising failure

- Index insurance for meadow


Weather station

- Index insurance for frost or excess of heat

- Parametric insurance for water excess or lack of water


Hail sensor

- Hail parametric insurance by hail sensor


Yield (government data)

- Parametric yield insurance

Parametric insurance for meadows


Agricultural cooperatives: 

Insure your members to cover their additional costs (animal feed) in case of a fodder loss.



Meadows represent large areas (example: more than 40% of the French used agricultural area).



To avoid a financial loss due to a shortage in the fodder production.


Used Method: 

Example for France - a fodder production index is established from certified satellite views on more than 36,000 villages/towns over an archive period of 12 years.

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