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Parametric insurance for hemp

Hail parametric insurance by hail sensor

- The hail sensors measure the maximum diameter of hailstones and the intensity of their impact everywhere in the field.

- these 2 parameters define the payout table (% of loss).

Early frost parametric insurance with weather station or satellite

- The frost is measured by weather station or satellite.

- The temperature defines the payout table (% of loss).

Heatwave index insurance by satellite

- The heatwave is measured by satellite.

- The temperature defines the payout table (% of loss).

Excess of moisture or drought insurance by satellite

Excess of rainfall by weather station

- The excess of rainfall is measured by weather station.

- the accumulated rainfall over several days defines a payout table (% of loss).

Tornado parametric insurance

Advantages of these 6 parametric insurances

- No deductible

- No claims expertise

- Quick compensation

Hurricane parametric insurance

​Your problem:


A hurricane can pass near your area without causing any damage but affecting your turnover (drop in tourism, etc.).

Your deductible is too high and you want to insure a part of your deductible in order to reduce it. 


Our tailor-made solution:

You can now insure your turnover (and the resulting damages too) in the event of a hurricane near your area (even if the hurricane does not cause damage to you but affects your turnover).

This solution can also be considered to reduce your deductible (by insuring a part of your deductible).


Risk: hurricane

Index: distance from the center of the hurricane and its category

Measure: satellite

Insurance compensation:  depending on the category of the hurricane and its distance from the insured place.


Other needs


We designed tailor-made insurance contracts for our customers, which are not based on damage as usual.

Our insurance contracts are based on a climate parameter (temperature, pluviometry, speed wind, sunrays, etc.) and are released when the parameter exceeds a defined threshold (for example: temperature < X °C) in order to compensate turnover or extra costs.


We revolutionize insurance by elaborating a new kind of insurance called parametric insurance or index insurance or also climate insurance.


Contact us. It would be a great pleasure to discuss about your own situation.

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